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Want to learn more about 2G and 3G network shutdowns? Check out our latest report!

The arrival of 5G networks has led operators and regulators to consider shutting down older mobile legacy networks. The coming period up to 2025 is thus expected to be the one with the most 2G and 3G network sunsets ever.
The shutdown of legacy networks allows MNOs to refarm spectrum and shift frequencies towards new and more spectral-efficient networks.
By reducing the number of mobile generations supported and accompanying the migration processes, MNOs will be able to reduce their expenses, including OpEx.

This extensive bottom-up study covers 15 countries and more than 40 MNOs and offers:

  • A state of the art of mobile network evolution
  • Best practices for network shutdown
  • Regulatory issues related to the shutdown process
  • Opportunities and challenges of the transition
  • A detailed overview of MNO strategies in 15 countries