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This report reviews the potential impact of 5G on the growing trend of network sharing.

Opening with a thorough recap of traditional network-sharing mechanisms, it then examines how the various features and technologies associated with 5G (slicing, virtualisation, MIMO, DSS) could reconfigure technical options for the implementation of network sharing.

Three advanced use cases in Europe and China are analysed on how they best leverage 5G.

The onward surge of the trend is paving the way, the report concludes, for new business models in network sharing.

Key figures: 

  • Wind Tre has lost six points of market share since Iliad entered the market in 2018. Iliad reached 6.2 million subscriptions in two years.

  • 5G market in China: China Telecom and China Unicom:  The world’s largest 5G RAN sharing network with 380,000 5G base stations built as of end-2020 and a projected network of 700,000 base station network by end 2021.