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DigiWorld Executive Club June 29th

Greening of digital/networks and the circular economy

Telecom operators and the ICT sector play a key role in the move towards digital transition and low-carbon economies, as enabler for other sectors ‘own transition (smart grid, smart cities,etc). At the same time the sector needs to address its own negative environmental impact.  We will take stock of main initiatives and recent findings from policy-makers and regulators, hear from industry about their strategy and actions to address these transformations and hear the expectations from civil society and Member of Parliament.

At this event participants will hear and discuss with:  Ms. Sandrine ELMI HERSI (Co-Chair BEREC Sustainability WG) BEREC, Mr. Florian DOUSSOT (OSCAR Stream leader on equipment circular economy) ORANGE,  Jeremy ROLLISON (Senior Director and Lead of the Twin Transition team) Microsoft, MEP and DG Connect.

  • State of play and future agenda of EC policy and regulatory initiatives to address these issues, including insights and recommendations from ARCEP/ADEME’s work on “The digital environmental footprint in France” and BEREC’s report on “the digital sector’s impact on the environment”.
  • Operator’s and Technology companies’ commitments towards carbon neutrality, and policies to integrate circular economy model into its business operations (procurement, network design, reuse of equipment, software), commercial offerings and consumer communication.
  • Views and expectations of policy makers and levers of action on sustainability and ICT’s sector trajectory.