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Jean-Luc Lemmens

Président Directeur général

Join our Green All-optical Network forum on February 26th, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! This forum is organized by IDATE to gather world-class players from the optical network industry, who will share and discuss the latest practices and trends.

Join the third edition of our Green All-Optical Network Forum 2024 in Barcelona!

Carbon transition has emerged as a globally recognized mission, with network energy efficiency upgrades becoming imperative for fostering widespread industrial digital development. Meanwhile, gigabit home broadband has gradually become the mainstream, applications such as 3D display, network-attached storage and large foundation models are bringing new challenges to the network infrastructure. In this case, the  release of F5G and F5G Advanced  are strategically designed to meet demands for precision, throughput, low latency, and energy efficiency.

In order to stay competitive and leverage market opportunities for sustained business growth, carriers and enterprises must introduce innovative solutions prioritizing efficiency, sustainability, and reduced cost per bit.

About the Event


  • When: 15:00–18:00 Feb 26, 2024 (MWC Day1)
  • Where:  Hotel Porta Fira
  • Form: On-site discussion only


Las Arenas IV, Hotel Porta Fira

Plaza Europa, 45
08908, Barcelona

Why Attend

Industry Insight

Multiple industry organizations’ perspectives

Research & Analysis

Gigabit home broadband white paper release

Business Success

Business success stories from leading carriers

Innovative Solutions

Innovative technologies and future-oriented solutions


Wide recognition for great achievements of carriers

To learn more

Submit your application to win an award !

  • Judged by IDATE and Industry Partners
  • Submit nomination before January 14th, 2024
  • Submitting contact and company information to email: awards@idate.fr


Check out the awards categories!

    Excellent Practice of Gigabit Broadband Development

    All-Optical Technology Innovation and Digital Enablement

    Premium User Experience with Optical Broadband

    Leading Sustainable Network Operator


Replay of Green All-Optical Network Forum 2023