The automobile will be at the heart of two major transformations in the decades to come: the ecological transition with the search for clean fuel and the digital transformation.
With this deeply exploratory dossier, we take stock of this, with the conviction that the automobile will constitute a remarkable test bed in terms of technical and industrial stakes and beyond that, in terms of the ability of our society to meet the challenges of the century.

Table des matières

Connected Cars
& Future of the Mobile Ecosystem


Edited by Thierry BURGER-HELMCHEN & Samuel ROPERT


by Yves GASSOT, Director of Publication


by the Editors




Understanding Changes on Urban Mobility Patterns in an Automated Driving Scenario: results from a model application to Delft (NL)


Regulation, Industry, and the Internet of Cars
Alexander SOLEY


The Legal Landscape of Autonomous Cars
François GORRIEZ




Thierry VIADIEU, Renault
Conducted by Yves GASSOT


Gion BAKER, Vodafone Automotive SpA
Conducted by Samuel ROPERT


Bernard JULLIEN, Gerpisa
Conducted by Samuel ROPERT


Extra paper


The Role of Municipalities for Broadband Deployment in Rural Areas
in Germany: An Economic Perspective
Christian WERNICK & Christian M. BENDER




Firms and Markets
Digitisation Will Impact All Automotive Assets
Dynamics of ICTs: Industries, R&D, Markets
Jean Paul SIMON


Author biographies


Service Section
14th ITS Asia-Pacific Conference
Kyoto, Japan, 24-27 June 2017
DigiWorld Yearbook & DigiWorld Future
Call for papers

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Connected Cars & Future of the Mobile Ecosystem

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