Over the past several quarters, digital innovation has been marked by the FinTech sector’s emergence as one of the top targets for investment, with a by-product of growing enthusiasm over the prospects opened by the blockchain concept.

How do we define the scope of FinTech? What is behind this boon of financial innovations born of FinTech?

The purpose of this dossier is not so much to take an X-ray look at FinTech in and of itself, but rather its relationship with the finance industry, and how it might impact its professions, its players and the regulations that govern it.

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  • Tags : access regulation, APIs, blockchain, central bank money, competition law, corporate finance and governance, demand analysis, digital financial inclusion, disintermediation, distributed ledger technology (DLT), financial infrastructure, financial markets, financial technology, Fintech, incentives for innovation, innovation adoption, mobile money, network economics, payment schemes, payments governance, platform competition, post-trade infrastructure, RTGS, SEPA, technology adoption

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