With the World Cup, Russia will be the center of the world in the upcoming weeks. This is a good opportunity to ask ourselves where Russia stands on digital markets.

The digital market of Russia has not yet been transformed into any major shape or form. Not in the sense that has seen the surge of the Chinese market, let alone of other industrialised economies. But Russia should nonetheless remain under scrutiny. Indeed, the digital days of Russia lie ahead, and Russia is expected to see tremendous growth in Internet and wireless services, way ahead of all other BRICS and even of advanced economies. Russia also stands out with a local Internet ecosystem and good progress around fiber.

This issue of our DigiWorld Watch service provides an overview of the digital markets and key players in Russia. It also examines how Russia is developing with an original model for digital market development.

This issue also includes a chronicle of the latest digital industry news as well as an update on what our teams are up to.

Table des matières

Market Insight

Digital Russia – A third model for digital?

Executive summary

1. Overall situation on digital markets in Russia
• Telecom services market
• Fixed Broadband
• Cellular M2M
• Internet markets
• Consumer electronics
• TV & Video market
• Public policies in Russia
• Stimulus policies for digital markets
• Barriers for digital stakeholders
• World Cup 2018 in Russia

2. Outstanding markets in Russia
Search market
• Social networks
• E-commerce
• Fiber

3. Key players in Russia
KPIs of RuNet
• Yandex and
• Rostelecom

4. Russia: A third model for digital?


Chronicle for April 2018

Secteur géographique

  • Russie


  • Rostelecom
  • Yandex

Autres détails

  • Référence : M18705A
  • Livraison : on the DigiWorld Interactive platform
  • Langues disponibles : Anglais
  • Tags : digital economy, digital markets, digital Russia, fiber, search market, social networks, Telecom Services

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