This report considers the impact of online communications services upon traditional telecom markets in Africa, especially in Kenya, Senegal and South Africa.

The report shows that online communication services are accelerating demand for mobile broadband, helping to stimulate the growth of traditional telecommunication markets. Their adverse effects upon traditional markets are limited and are generally overall positive in the selected African countries, opening up opportunities for telecom players and new economic opportunities even beyond telecom markets.

Table des matières

1. Executive summary
2. The impacts of online communication services in Africa
2.1. Competition issues around Africa
2.2. Voice markets: traditional voice vs VoIP
2.3. Messaging markets: SMS vs IP messaging
2.4. Shift towards mobile broadband data
2.5. Other positive impacts of the shift
3. Appendix
3.1. Kenya highlights
3.2. South Africa highlights
3.3. Senegal highlights
3.4. The natural shift towards data from a global and European perspective

Table des figures

Table des figures

Table 1: Comparison of cost to send 1 SMS versus cost to buy 1 MB of data (local currency)
Table 2: List of zero rated services by South African operators, H1 2016

Figure 1: Ratio of on-net/off-net traffic for mobile voice (2016 for Senegal and Kenya, 2015 for South Africa)
Figure 2: Ratio of on-net/off-net traffic for SMS (2016 for Senegal and Kenya, 2015 for South Africa)
Figure 3: Domestic mobile voice traffic evolution
Figure 4: Mobile voice revenues evolution (in million USD)
Figure 5: Cheapest mobile products (OECD 40 calls/60 SMS basket) for South African operators (ZAR)
Figure 6: Overview of reduction in MTR and its consequences to the voice market
Figure 7: Impacts of fiscal and regulation evolutions in Senegal in 2016
Figure 8: Evolution of International mobile call traffic (million minutes), and weight of international call traffic over total mobile voice traffic (%) in Senegal and Kenya
Figure 9: Evolution of domestic SMS traffic (million unit)
Figure 10: Evolution of SMS revenues (million USD)
Figure 11: Evolution of revenue per SMS (USD)
Figure 12: Mobile broadband as a percentage of service revenues
Figure 13: Share of revenues of mobile broadband in mobile activities
Figure 14: Evolution of mobile data (mobile broadband + messaging) total revenues
Figure 15: Just 4 You, a personalised package offer from Vodacom South Africa
Figure 16: Opportunities created by online services according to MTN Ghana
Figure 17: MTC revenue breakdown by segment, million NAD, 2010-2015
Figure 18: Share of online communication services in broadband traffic in Africa
Figure 19: Active mobile broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants
Figure 20: Smartphone penetration in 2015
Figure 21: Direct and indirect GDP contribution of the mobile ecosystem in Africa
Figure 22: On-net domestic voice (million minutes) and on-net domestic SMS traffic (million SMS), 2011-2016
Figure 23: Market shares in volume
Figure 24: Safaricom monthly ARPU (KES), broken down by activity segment, 2011-2016
Figure 25: Evolution of share of mobile data revenue over total mobile service revenue, Vodacom and MTN
Figure 26: Growth rates of total telecom services and GDP in South Africa, 2011-2015
Figure 27: Indexed evolution of voice and SMS traffic for Vodacom, 2011-2016
Figure 28: Voice and SMS basket and 1 GB basket prices in South Africa, Q2 2016 (ZAR)
Figure 29: Evolution of market shares in South Africa, 2012-2016
Figure 30: Evolution of alternative online communication messaging solutions in South Africa
Figure 31: Evolution of active users for Mxit, BBM, WhatsApp and WeChat in South Africa
Figure 32: Volume of national SMS and international incoming traffic
Figure 33: Market share evolutions in Senegal
Figure 34: Growth rates of Senegal GDP and Sonatel revenues
Figure 35: Orange mobile ARPU
Figure 36: 1 GB basket prices for major African telcos, 4Q 2014
Figure 37: Mobile data service revenues for the EU5 countries, 2010-2020

Secteur géographique

Afrique & Moyen-Orient
  • Afrique du Sud
  • Kenya
  • Sénégal


  • Airtel
  • Cell C
  • Equitel
  • Essar Telekom
  • Expresso
  • MTC
  • MTN
  • Orange
  • Safaricom
  • Sema
  • Sonatel
  • Telkom
  • Telkom Mobile
  • Tigo
  • TN Mobile
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Vodacom

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