As it is every year, IDATE DigiWorld was on hand as a partner analyst during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

This issue of our DigiWorld Watch Service offers a summary of what stood out most for our experts, through interviews with Florence Le Borgne, Lead ‘TV & Digital Content’ analyst, Frédéric Pujol, Lead 5G analyst, Samuel Ropert, Lead IoT analyst, and Deputy CEO, Jean-Dominique Séval.

It also includes the latest wireless market trends including: LTE and 5G rollout, 5G Monetisation, IoT market forecasts, autonomous cars… as well as a chronicle of the latest industry news.

Table des matières


What are the main takeaways from the Mobile World Congress?
• Everything is speeding up!
• Industrial internet in the spotlight
• 5G: First commercial rollouts expected this year
• Virtual reality: the main driver for 5G?

Latest wireless market trends
• 2020, a year of transition: 5 billion LTE subscribers at year-end & emergence of 5G faster than expected
• 5G monetisation: Will Gigabit LTE and 5G bring higher revenues?
• Internet of Things: A market keeping its promise of 10% annual growth thanks to fast-growing industrial markets
• Autonomous cars: Premium brands are leading the way
• Smart mobility: From the development of the self-driving car to its integration in the smart city

• Chronicle of the latest industry news

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