This report encapsulates the core elements of the national strategies for the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, China and the United States.

These include, for each strategy, the fundamental reports and supporting documents, the scope of sectoral focus and outlines of the initial and emerging stakeholders and players.

Table des matières

1. Executive Summary

2. European Commission
• Recommendations of the Commission High-Level Expert Group on AI adoption

3. United Kingdom
• ‘AI in the UK: ready, willing and able?’ report
• AI Sector Deal report
• Guidelines on AI adoption

4. Germany
• ‘AI Made in Germany’ strategic plan

5. France
• ‘For a Meaningful Artificial Intelligence: Towards a French and European Strategy’ – report

6. Italy
• ‘Artificial Intelligence Strategy: At the Service of Citizens’

7. Spain
• Spanish RDI Strategy in Artificial Intelligence

8. China
• Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan

9. United States of America
• Obama Administration AI Initiatives
• Trump Administration AI Initiatives

10. Japan
• AI for all people, industries, territories and government strategic plan

Table des figures

Table des figures

1. Executive Summary
• Overview of main national initiatives by country

3. United Kingdom
• Key sectors of AI adoption
• Financial support framework on AI initiatives
• Stakeholders ecosystem mapping

4. Germany
• Scope of Federal government AI initiatives mapping

5. France
• Scope of French government AI initiatives

8. China
• Funding Framework of Chinese AI Strategy

10. Japan
• Japan AI Strategy fundamentals
• Breakdown of Japanese government financial support towards AI
• Summary of the Japanese government AI initiatives

Secteur géographique

UE28 Europe
  • Allemagne
  • Espagne
  • France
  • Italie
  • Royaume-Uni
  • Chine
  • Japon
Amérique du Nord
  • États-Unis

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