Both the space-based and satellite-based industries are undergoing significant changes with the deployment of LEO satellites and 5G technology.
One of these changes could be the disintegration or disaggregation of infrastructure equipment, service proving and terminal manufacturing for seamless connectivity.

This report examines the role that space-based communication could play in 5G deployment by addressing the following issues:

  • What rationale for satellite in a cellular world?
  • What convergence between satellite and cellular communication?
  • Will 5G be a driver for satellite integration into terrestrial connectivity?
  • What are the main questions around frequency bands for satellite 5G?
  • What are the main players’ initiatives (satellite operators and MNOs)?

Table des matières

1. Executive summary

2. Introduction
2.1. The rationale for satellite in a cellular world
2.2. The difference between GEO, MEO and LEO
2.3. Evolution of the satellite industry in the last decade
2.4. Despite a difficult environment, LEO is bringing satellite closer to the mass-market

3. The convergence between satellite and cellular communication
3.1. 5G, a driver for satellite integration into terrestrial connectivity
3.2. What integration of satellite into 5G means
3.3. Direct 5G satellite access
3.4. The work on Non-Terrestrial Networks within 3GPP
3.5. Quick overview of NTN work within 3GPP
3.6. Direct Satellite 5G architectures
3.7. The main questions around frequency bands for Satellite 5G
3.8. Satellite IoT and frequency bands
3.9. The different use cases for direct satellite 5G

4. Market forces
4.1. Overview of main players’ initiatives
– Presentation of main players’ initiatives
– 5G satellite
– Spectrum & hybrid networks
4.2. Satellite operators’ strategies
– Roadmap for satellite 5G development
– AST SpaceMobile
– Lynk
– Sateliot
– Omnispace
– OQ Technologies
4.3. MNOs’ strategies
– Mobile Network Operators’ strategies
– Vodafone
– Rakuten
– BT

Secteur géographique



  • AST SpaceMobile
  • BT
  • Lynk
  • Omnispace
  • OQ Technologies
  • Rakuten
  • Sateliot
  • SES
  • Vodafone

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