After the failures of low Earth orbit (LEO) projects at the end of the 1990s, big satellite constellation projects are back in the industry. The technological, competitive and market environment has changed however.
On paper, those projects look ambitious and alluring but what are their respective chances of success?
This insight proposes an overview of the new LEO constellation projects, the challenges they face and their market prospects. Last but not least, it also analyses their impact on the satellite industry.

This 3rd issue of our monthly DigiWorld Watch Service also includes a feedback on the latest Mobile World Congress key topics as well as a chronicle of the recent industry news.

Table des matières

Market Insight
Which place for LEO/MEO constellations in the satellite industry

Executive summary
1. The potential appeal of new LEO constellation projects
2. Market prospects for LEO constellations
3. Impact on the satellite industry


Focus: Feedback from the Mobile World Congress
Chronical for March 2017


Latest market reports
• The digital silver economy
• World Telecom Services Market
• Next Gen Telcos
• European Telecom Sector Benchmark
• Pay TV
• TV Broadcasters in the New OTT Environment

Secteur géographique

Europe Monde


  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Ariane Espace
  • BlueOne (Amazon)
  • Boeing
  • Eutelsat
  • Intelsat
  • LeoSat
  • O3B
  • OneWeb
  • SES
  • Spacecom
  • SpaceX
  • Thales Alenia Space
  • ViaSat
  • Virgin
  • Xinwei

Autres détails

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  • Langues disponibles : Anglais
  • Tags : low Earth orbit, LEO, Medium Earth orbits, MEO, constellations, satellite, Mobile World Congress

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Which place for LEO/MEO Constellations in the Satellite industry

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