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Join our Indoor 5G Roundtable 2023 forum during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! This forum is organized by IDATE to gather world-class players from the industry, who will share and discuss the latest practices and trends.

About the Event

AGENDA | February 28, 2023

Opening speech

Topic 1:New Requirements for 5G Indoor Scenarios

  • Guide 1: Indoor 5G Construction Strategy of National Regulators
  • Guide 2:Indoor 5G Network Applications and Requirements: Stadiums/Transportation Hubs/Healthcare
  • Open Discussion:
    1. (Voting) Please select the five scenarios in which you think indoor networks are most needed in the 5G era?
    2. What challenges are faced by the current indoor network?
    3.How to promote the development of indoor networks? What are the measures and methods?

Topic 2: 5G Indoor Digital Network Construction Direction

  • Guide 1: 5G digital service anchors to build new indoor commercial space
  • Guide 2: Operators’ network construction, new services, and new business models
  • Guide 3: Insights: Green & Intelligent Indoor Digital Network
  • Open Discussion:
    1. What are the scenario-based strategies and business values of indoor networks in the 5G era?
    2. Which vertical industries and value-added services will accelerate 5G?
    3. What are the pain points of indoor co-construction and sharing in the 4G era? How to Promote the Development of Co-construction and Sharing Modes in the 5G Era


Detailed program coming soon…


Arenas 2 – 3, Porta Fira Hotel

Plaza Europa, 45
08908, Barcelona