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L'Observatoire européen 5G vise à suivre l'évolution du marché, y compris les essais et autres actions menées par les acteurs de l'industrie et les États membres dans le contexte du déploiement du 5G en Europe et au-delà. L'Observatoire permettra à la Commission d'évaluer les progrès du plan d'action 5G de l'Europe et de prendre des mesures pour le mettre pleinement en œuvre. (Source: https://ec.europa.eu)

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What is the European 5G Observatory?

As 5G gets closer to market deployment, the European 5G Observatory aims to provide updates on all market developments, including actions undertaken by the private and public sectors, in the field of 5G. All developments will be analysed in view of their strategic implications on the objectives of the 5G Action Plan and other public policy objectives. The Observatory will focus primarily on developments in Europe, along with major international developments that could impact the European market.

The following developments will be monitored by the Observatory:

  • Main 5G market developments including planning and commercial launch of 5G products and services with major impact;
  • New developments regarding key 5G products and components as well as technology choices made by key actors including regarding standards and use of spectrum bands;
  • 5G pre-commercial trials and partnerships between actors of the 5G value chain;
  • National strategies and plans by EU Member States, available national data on 5G deployment including coverage and quality;
  • Preparation and execution of spectrum assignments by public authorities as well as 5G public funding for network deployment and R&I.

IDATE DigiWorld is very active on 5G markets and trends : 1.7 billion 5G subscribers anticipated in 2025

5G will be launched in 2018 in Asia and the USA and becomes more widespread in 2020 with launches in Europe and the migration from 4G to 5G is expected to be fast :

  • The 1 billion mark will be passed in 2025.
  • Asia will account for more than half (58%, 950 million) of the subscriptions in 2025.
  • With 274 million 5G subscriptions, Europe is expected to account for 17% of total 5G subscriptions in 2025 (and EU-28 for 11%).

Finally, on a longer term, there will be growth avenues in MEA.

After having launched one of the first LTE market watch services, we are looking to 5G latest trends and its potential applications.