Mostly invisible, like an iceberg in the digital sea, the ubiquitous semiconductor has longed played a pivotal role in the indelible transformation of our society and economy.

In this report, we examine the recent wave of mergers and acquisitions which mark and reflect the industry.
In particular:
– we reveal the internal dynamics of the semiconductor world
– we highlight its key players and their strategies
– we review its growth drivers and the roadmap of its metamorphosis.

Table des matières

1. Executive Summary
1.1. The value chain of the semiconductor industry has already seen radical transformation
1.2. The surge of acquisitions is a signal of adapting to new markets and their requiring more skills
1.3. The semiconductor market is impacted by software disruptors ready to integrate vertically

2. The swelling surge of semiconductor M&As
2.1. Mergers and acquisitions – and hence divestitures – are constants …
2.2. … and they’re growing apace – for now M&As boomed in 2015 and 2016

3. Industry value chain is undergoing a complete reorganisation
3.1. Market of semiconductors
3.2. Value chain and the competitive landscape

4. The development of new markets has driven the wave of mergers and acquisitions
4.1. After the era of the PC, new key success factor are emerging
4.2. Moving beyond mobile devices: new pillars of growth

5. Exhibit: A brief history of two decades of M&A

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Semiconductor dynamics

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