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Tiana Ramahandry

Responsable de la communauté Disruptive Technologies

This report provides a global overview of edge computing, the top tone today in the ICT arena. It explains why the concept is gaining so much traction in industry, and the current high expectations there from deploying it.

Alongside a review of the broad ecosystem of edge computing, the report examines the various approaches being taken by key stakeholders.
Moreover, an assessment of expected market revenues between 2021 and 2026 by region and by type of stakeholders.
An Excel file accompanies the report, covering some hundred publicly available implementations of edge computing.

A few key figures: 

  • Edge computing is an enabler for industries and businesses digital transformation. It’s getting a battlefield in the IT and telecom landscape. According to IDATE Digiworld, the global revenues from edge computing solutions are expected to grow by 49% between 2021 and 2026 driven by industrials and hyperscalers.

  • The market of edge computing is shaping up but no killer app is identified yet. IDATE Digiworld benchmarked 174 deployments as of April 2021 with a predominance of PoCs and tests.